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Computer Network Server System Support IT Services Auckland
Services & Support

To ensure that the clients’ requirements and expectations of Computer Network Systems are fulfilled, if not exceeded, XPERT NETWORK provides Services & Support that covers all stages of the computer network system from consultation, design, research & development, implementation, and support after implementation.

Some of the Services that we offer, but not limited to, are:

Server Network

If your computer network system is still under peer-to-peer or workstation-to-workstation system, you might want to consider when beneficial to move forward to Server Network. Servers Network can provide efficiency and security and increased productivity, which will profit your company. Server Network provides centralised control for security, centralised management of resources such as printers, data, higher speed access, centralised monitoring of activities such email, internet usage, centralised point of access and many more. If you have a Server Network and having problems with it, we can help you by giving us a call or email us. Among others, here is a list of common areas that XPERT NETWORK can help:

  • Server Not Booting Up
  • Slow Connection to Shared Data or Resources
  • Slow Remote Access
  • Shared Files becomes inaccessible
  • Synchronisation Not Working Properly
  • Lost Emails
  • Planning, Design, and Setting Up your Server Network
  • Upgrading peer-to-peer to Server Network
  • Remote Maintenance / Tune-Up and Troubleshooting
  • Report Performance of your Servers and Backup System
  • Network trouble-shooting
  • Setting Up and Troubleshooting Exchange Server
  • etc

Remote Access / Terminal Server

Terminal Server is a fantastic system that can be implemented in Server as well as Peer-To-Peer Network. Terminal Server enables multiple users to use the same system at the same time. You can evaluate whether you need a Terminal Server in your Network by answering the following questions:

  • Do you experience Slow Access To Network Data?
  • Would you like to manage Applications from one location rather than from each computer?
  • Do you use low-powered & slow computer?
  • Do you use Non-Windows-Based computer?

If your answer to any of those questions is ‘yes’, give us a call or send us an email and find out what you can profit from a Terminal Server. A Terminal Server can benefit you in at least in these ways:

  • Rapid, Centralized Deployment of Applications –Terminal Server is great for rapidly deploying Windows-based applications to computing devices across a company—especially applications that are frequently updated, infrequently used, or hard to manage. When an application is managed on Terminal Server, and not on each device, administrators can be certain that users are running the latest version of the application
  • Low-bandwidth Access to Data - Terminal Server considerably reduces the amount of network bandwidth required to access data remotely. because only a screen view of the data is transmitted, rather than the data itself.
  • Windows Anywhere - Terminal Server helps users become more productive by enabling access to current applications on any device—including under-powered hardware and non-Windows desktops. And because Terminal Server lets you use Windows anywhere, you can take advantage of extra processing capabilities from newer, lighter-weight devices such as iPad.


VPN is a technology that utilizes Internet to conduct highly secure data communications using a variety of specialized protocols. The main benefit of a VPN is the high cost saving compared to traditional leased lines in order to achieve the same purpose. VPN technology is normally used in these scenarios:

  1. Support remote access to an Internal Network
  2. Support connections between multiple Internal Networks within the same organization and
  3. Join networks between two organizations, forming an extranet.

If you would like to take advantage of this cost-saving technology, please give us a call or email.

Wireless Network

There are basically two types of wireless network. One is the local wireless network and the other is mobile wireless network.

The Local Wireless Network enables you to connect to the local (office) Wireless Access Point or Wireless Router and get access into your Local (Office) Area Network or Internet. This means you can have a network setup in your office without having cables running in your office. With your laptop, you can move about in the office and access your office network or go on the Internet.

The Mobile Wireless Network uses similar to mobile phone technology and enables you to go on the Internet wherever there is mobile phone connectivity which means you could be fishing and surfing (on the internet) at the same time. Whether you’d like to set up Local or Mobile Wireless, we can help if you call us at 0800-2-XPERT OR email us.


When everything seems to be fine but there are just some strange issues happening in your computer network system or suddenly an unexpected happens, we need to do Computer / Network Troubleshooting. Some of the areas that are commonly encountered in Computer / Network Troubleshooting:

  • Email and Internet Connection Issues
  • Can’t Load Windows
  • Nothing Appears on the Screen
  • Slow Performance
  • Slow Access To Data
  • System Crashing

If you experience any of those issues or others that are unusual in your Computer Network System, just give us a ring or drop us an email.

System Setup

Setting Up your Computer Network System properly at the beginning is very crucial to having a good scalable infrastructure which will give the system the ability to cater for your current and future needs. At XPERT NETWORK, we can provide a solution that suits your situation and needs whether you are setting up a Computer Network System in a new office or upgrading your Network System to accommodate for the expansion of your business. Give us a call or drop us an email.

Advice & Consultation

In order to make the most of the IT System, you must get the right advice in order to implement the best solution for your situation and needs. You need to get the right advice about Software, Hardware, Network Infrastructure / Architecture in order fulfil your requirements and also provide for the expansion in the future. Whether you are starting a new Network System or revamping or upgrading the current one, at XPERT NETWORK, we can give you the right Advice. Even if you have an In-House IT, you can contact us to get a second opinion before upgrading your system so that you can make a well-informed decision before spending on your IT System. For consultation and advice, just give a call on 0800-2-XPERT or email us.

Computer Audit

As Business Owners, you don’t normally keep track of the information about Hardware, Software, Security System, etc that are in your computers’ system. This is important information that will enable you to know the Hardware, the Software & its Compliancy, Status of your Anti Virus, Status of your Windows Updates & HotFixes, etc. WE can assist you by gathering this information for you and put it in an easy to view format to help you know the state of your system in relation to Hardware, Software, and Security.
All you need to do is give us a call on 0800-2-XPERT or email us.

Auto Backup System

Backup is an area that is often neglected until disaster happens. Backing up your valuable data is very crucial to your business and should be given a due attention. On the other hand, as business owners, you do not have much time on such matters that do not affect your business on a regular basis. We understand this reality and we can implement a robust backup system that is easy to use by setting up an Automatic Backup System so that you won’t have to do much because it will just do its job at a specified time of your choice. A solid backup system will give you a peace of mind to know that if disaster happens, you still have your precious data with you and be able to restore the data in a short time.  If you’d like to secure you valuable data, please give us a call on 0800-2-XPERT or email us

Multiple-Branch Business Solution

If your business has multiple branches, it is important to interlink these branches so that authorised users are able to access necessary information across multiple branches and you can maximise the resources within the company. The maximisation of the resources leads to productivity that leads to profitability. We can provide a total solution from Cabling (via Contractor), Network Design, Computer Hardware Procurement, Microsoft Software & Licensing Supplies, Implementation, Security, Backup & Storage Solution, and After Implementation Support. We use leading brands products such as Cisco, AVG Anti Virus, Hewlett Packard, etc. If you’d like to connect multiple branches to maximise resources, please give a call on 0800-2-XPERT or email us

Virus Removal & Security

Viruses, Spyware, and Adware are annoying or even harmful to your computer network system. Viruses can spread itself in the network system and even destroy important data in your system. Spyware continually work in the background and monitor user activity on the Internet and transmit that information, which can include password or credit card numbers, to someone else. Adware is normally more annoying rather than harmful but eventually it can invite other harmful Spyware or viruses into your system. Besides that, Viruses and Spyware can slow down your computer system, which will adversely affect productivity level of your business. At XPERT NETWORK, we can ensure that Viruses, Spyware, and Adware are completely removed from your Computer Network System and that your system is well protected from this harmful software. In addition, we can also implement Firewall in order to prevent intruders to come into your Network System without your knowledge and only allow authenticated users / computers to access the Network. If you’d like to ensure that your Computer Network System is free from Viruses, Spyware, and Adware and protected from Hackers, feel free to give us a call on 0800-2-XPERT or email us


Quite often, it is not the system that causes unpleasant user’s experience but it is the user’s unfamiliarity with the Network System that causes the issue. At XPERT NETWORK, our qualified technicians can give you one-on-one or group-training in order to get you familiar with the system and make your computing experience more pleasant and enjoyable. We can tailor the Training Program according to the Level of User(s) knowledge of the computer network system. Please feel free to give us a call on 0800-2-XPERT or email us

Video Surveillance Security System (Remote Viewing)

It can be very convenient and productive when you are able to monitor what is going on in your factory or office from another office, home, or anywhere. Video Surveillance Security System gives you the ability to do that. If you want to have this capabililty, please give us a call 0800-2-XPERT or email us

Computer Repairs

Computer problems are not only Software but can also be Hardware. Although prices of Computer Hardware have come down much, it is quite often still worthwhile to repair the Computer Hardware because not only is cost of repair often still reasonable but also the costly Software that you will need to purchase if you purchase a New Computer. Whether it is a Desktop or a Laptop, our experienced technicians will be able to diagnose and inform you or the issue and give you a quote for repair and provide you with a comparison regarding the costs involved if you’d like to purchase a new computer instead. If you have any problems with your computer hardware, please give us a ring on 0800-2-XPERT or email us

Support Plans

Setting up a good infrastructure of your Computer Network System from Cabling, Hardware, Software, and Architecture is very important, however, a good working system will only continue to be performing well only if the system is maintained and supported. At XPERT NETWORK, we provide this service, which comes in different level to suit your situation and needs. We have Server Support Plans to accommodate Servers and Workstation Support Plans Workstations. The plans range from a basic periodic maintenance, which covers a remote periodic maintenance all the way up to a “full cover” plan, which covers every issue that occurs in your computer network at a fixed monthly fee. In “Full Cover” Plan, we take all the worries away from you because we will monitor, maintain, prevent, troubleshoot, and fix every issue that you have with your computer network system and let you focus on and grow your business. This plan allows as if you had a Full-Time Highly Qualified IT Expert in your company at a much lower monthly cost. The following are some of the benefits of being in the Support Plans:

  • Optimum Performance of The Server so that Access to the Server will be at the optimum speed
  • Identification of Issues Early so that costly downtime might be prevented
  • (More) Budget-able IT Spending
  • Plans are already priced at a (highly) Discounted Rate
  • (Highly) Discounted Rate on Items not covered or on Additional Hours
  • Have Priority in Service

If you’d like to know more whether there are better ways to support your Computer Network System than the support that you currently have, please give us a call on 0800-2-XPERT or email us


At XPERT NETWORK, we endeavour to give our clients highest quality of computer network service. In order to make it easy for our clients, we provide a ONE-STOP-SOLUTION whereby we save



We guarantee our works and we would not expect any payments if we do not produce any results with the exception of the results not achieved due to issues or anomalies with the computer or network



We can deliver high quality service to our clients because we operate based on a set of core values that we adhere to:
•    Professionalism – Having High Level Of Skill, Timeliness in Delivery & Treating 


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